Refrigerator needed!

Do you have a working fridge hanging around in your basement or garage that you are looking to get rid of?

Contact PSS!

Picture of a basic white fridge in a utility space.

One of the homes’ had a fridge die recently and we’re looking to replace it.

Email or call/text (765) 233-6010 to discuss.

PSS Resident Focus: KB & the Twins Update

A quick update from KB and the twins:

“Living here these last couple of months has been amazing for me and my family. I’ve been able to watch my babies start trying to talk, and crawl in a place we call home. The people who run this program have been amazing with helping me through this transition. It’s sad to think I only have a little bit more time her in this home but I know where I end up after this will be a place I will watch my kids start walking and talking. Our home.”

PSS Resident Focus: DW and 2 kids

Meet another family making a Project Stepping Stone house a home!  DW and his two kids Jn and Sh moved in in February.  Here’s his story in his own words (this has been lightly edited for clarity).

Before February 2020, my two kids Sh and Jn and I were staying house to house between my sister’s house and my aunt D’s house. I really felt like I couldn’t keep or get a steady job to provide for myself and my kid’s because of my living situation. Until one of my family friends told me about PSS. So I went to PSS and filled the application and went through the process. And got approved which was one of best days of my life. Now I’m currently working and saving money. It kinda got a little bit rocky and rough when this COVID-19 hit me and the rest of the world. But I’m still blessed to have good health me and my kid’s and still on the rode to recovery and progress for me and my two kids.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is, they kinda help me cook or somewhat prepare dinner like twice out of the week. And Jn helps me get the trash out of the yards before I cut the grass. PSS is benefiting me in so many ways. Like they help me take care of my responsibilities better and help me manage my finances more efficient. PSS and their supporters can help me out by still remain in my life after I move forward to my next chapter or my next house that I get. And just to make sure I’m staying on the right track.

And thank once again PSS for everything you guys done and still doing for me and my kids. I will be forever grateful and blessed that you guys gave me this opportunity.

Get involved with Project Stepping Stone

Project Stepping Stone succeeds only because of the support we receive from our community.

Why should you want to be involved with Project Stepping Stone?  There’s a lot of reasons!

  • Getting involved in making the Muncie community a better place.
  • Making a direct impact on people’s lives.
  • Learning about people with experiences that are different from yours.
  • Putting your faith into action.

What ways can you get involved?

  • Bake something for the Dessert Auction
  • Help mentor a family in a PSS home
  • Help fix small issues at the homes
  • Help fix big issues at the homes
  • Be on the PSS board
  • Donate furniture, or other household goods (right now we could use a microwave!)
  • Donate money

If you’re interested in learning more contact Maria at

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PSS Resident Focus: J.J. and 4 kids

There’s one less family living in a Project Stepping Stone house – and that’s good news! J.J. and her four kids recently moved out of one of the PSS houses and into a place of their own! J.J. recently shared the story of her experience.

I am the single mother of 4 children ranging from 16 years to 4 years.  We enjoy being outside, dancing and being silly, cooking and going new places together.  I have worked with children and families my entire life trying to build strong families and communities.  When I came to PSS I was at rock bottom.  My grandmother, who was the only grandparent I was close with, had just been put in the hospital and continued to get worse.  I had gotten sick and missed work just weeks before and was staying with her due to not being able to keep up on my rent and utilities.  My 15 year old son and I packed our entire house and moved by ourselves.  I was trying to get a better job with the state, and the job I was at was going downhill quick to where I hated going everyday. So many things were stacked against me I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull myself out. When I met with the PSS team I had a hard time getting through my story without the emotions that I had been holding in  in order to show my kids that I was strong and that we were going to be okay from flowing out. I was met with compassion and felt hope.  This was also around Christmas, so that added to the stress of the situation.

3 kids, the tallest in the center, the shortest on the right, walk away from the camera. They are outside on a sunny day.

While participating in PSS, my grandmother passed away, I was able to start my current job, and save up enough money to look for a home for my family.  I knew if I needed anything, PSS had my back.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had this fresh start and the chance to rebuild after so many physically and emotionally exhausting months.

Looking forward, I know that people I have met in this journey truly are friends for life and genuinely care about the families they encounter.  I try to offer positivity and pay forward the kindness my family has been shown.  If not for PSS, I don’t know where we would be.

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PSS Resident Focus: KB & the Twins

Thanks to your continued support, three families (3 adults and 6 kids) call a Project Stepping Stone house “home,” as of May 31, 2020.

KB (24) and her twins (4.5 months) are three of those people – they moved in just a few days after the twins were born in January. KB recently shared some thoughts on her experience.

“I got into the program thanks to the help of Healthy Families and they have been a blessing to me every since. PSS has giving me the opportunity to provide for my family while not worrying about bills or any of the added stress that comes with it. They are helping me save for a permanent home for me and my family. A place I can watch them grow and keep them safe.”

Although the kids are young yet, KB shares that being in nature is already great family time. She says, “I love taking my kids for a walk around the park. They love seeing nature and I can teach them about about the outdoors early and maybe peak their interest to further pursue it when they are older.”

KB also added – “THANK YOU! for all the diapers!” Between LCC and HTLC, we provided enough diapers that she didn’t need to buy diapers until April!

Your support means that KB and the twins are in a safe home while they save for their own home!

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Stove Needed!

Project Stepping Stone needs to replace a stove in one of our houses.  It can be used, or it can be new – it just needs to be clean, functioning, and electric.

a white electric stove

Do you have one that you’re looking to donate? Let us know at



Over a background of buckeyes - treats made from peanut butter and chocolate - the text reads, "Project Stepping Stone Dessert Auction Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 9/15/2019 Service at 10am, then lunch and auction at 12pm"

PSS’ Annual Dessert Auction – 2019 edition

Feel Good About Satisfying your Sweet Tooth: Project Stepping Stone Picnic & Dessert Auction

Want to eat homemade desserts and not feel guilty about the calorie count? On Sunday, September 15, 2019, Project Stepping Stone will be hosting an auction of about 60 desserts made by members of our partner churches, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church, and Lutheran Church of the Cross. All the funds raised will go directly to Project Stepping Stone, a local non-profit that provides housing to families in need. Spending money on a good deed has to mean that all those calories should be guilt-free, right? Right. And if you’re watching your weight and want something truly calorie-free, additional items from the community, like service certificates and gift baskets, will be auctioned off as well.

The auction, led by Bill Jenkins, will start around noon. At 11:30 a FREE lunch of fried chicken and fixings will be provided.

Before the lunch and auction there’s a joint worship service between Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and Lutheran Church of the Cross beginning at 10:00am.

Powerful worship, good food, and some laughter, all dedicated to a good cause. Be sure to join us!

Over a background of buckeyes - treats made from peanut butter and chocolate - the text reads, "Project Stepping Stone Dessert Auction Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 9/15/2019 Service at 10am, then lunch and auction at 12pm"

Schedule and Information:

Date: September 15, 2019
Location: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 900 W White River Blvd , Muncie 47303
10:00am– Outdoor worship, weather permitting.
11:30am – Lunch, inside HTLC’s Fellowship Hall.
12:00pm – Auction starts, inside.

Things to note:

-Weather permitting, the worship service will be outside. Come prepared with a light jacket or sunscreen as necessary.
-Make sure to bring your own lawn chair!
-You don’t need to attend the worship service to be welcome at the lunch and auction.
-Each partner church is asked to provide 20 desserts. Please note the dessert guidelines.

Dessert Guidelines:

-Desserts have to be made from scratch.
-Desserts should not need to be refrigerated.
-A simple description of the dessert must be placed on a container you do not want back.
-Examples of desserts are a dozen brownies, bars or cupcakes, two dozen cookies, a cake or a pie.
-Please do not package desserts individually.

Work Day January 2019

PSS is in the process of reading a house for a new occupant, and we need your help!

There’ll be a work day on January 12, 2019 at 10am at 1237. (for specific directions, please email us!)


Projects include:

-lots of cleaning, including scrubbing walls.


Hope you can come and help!

Dessert Auction 2018 Recap

Our main fundraising event, the Project Stepping Stone Dessert Auction is a time for members of our supporting churches to show off their baking skills, as well as come together for some laughs and friendly competition. Each year, about 60 homemade desserts along with items & gift certificates from the local Muncie community are auctioned off.

2018’s auction, held on September 23, 2018 was a great success! We raised – after expenses – about $3,100.00! All of these funds will go directly to the utilities and maintenance of our three houses, and allow us to continue providing the houses rent-and-utility free to residents in need.

We owe the success of the Dessert Auction to the following people and groups:

All the members of Lutheran Church of the Cross, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, and First Presbyterian Church who baked and bid!

Bill Jenkins, who acted as our auctioneer

Thrivent Financial – thanks for Action Team Grant, which helped pay for lunch!

Michelle Walker, our local Thrivent Financial representative

Knapp Supply

Ball State Department of Theater and Dance

Stephen & Donna Haworth

Jacqueline Meyer

Runners – Catie, Teddy, Rose, & Maggie

LCC Kitchen help – Donna, Arline, June & Kate