PSS Resident Focus: KB & the Twins

Thanks to your continued support, three families (3 adults and 6 kids) call a Project Stepping Stone house “home,” as of May 31, 2020.

KB (24) and her twins (4.5 months) are three of those people – they moved in just a few days after the twins were born in January. KB recently shared some thoughts on her experience.

“I got into the program thanks to the help of Healthy Families and they have been a blessing to me every since. PSS has giving me the opportunity to provide for my family while not worrying about bills or any of the added stress that comes with it. They are helping me save for a permanent home for me and my family. A place I can watch them grow and keep them safe.”

Although the kids are young yet, KB shares that being in nature is already great family time. She says, “I love taking my kids for a walk around the park. They love seeing nature and I can teach them about about the outdoors early and maybe peak their interest to further pursue it when they are older.”

KB also added – “THANK YOU! for all the diapers!” Between LCC and HTLC, we provided enough diapers that she didn’t need to buy diapers until April!

Your support means that KB and the twins are in a safe home while they save for their own home!

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