Help Needed – Updated Work List

We’re in the middle of finishing up some house remodeling in order to better serve our families in 2021.  If you are interested in helping, please email

This is a list of known work needed as of 7/27/2021

Work Needed at house ending in 41:

Replace kitchen ceiling (drop tile)
Fascia and Soffit work on the white shed
Seal outside shed
Replace electrical outlets with ones with grounds
Paint the porch railing
Place liner paper on kitchen drawers/shelves
Remove wallpaper

Work needed at house ending in 18:

Replace living room drop ceiling grids and panels – and repair & paint grid – possibly remove?
Replace kitchen ceiling (drop tile) – and paint grid
Paint upstairs
Paint Kitchen
Install new electrical outlet covers and switch covers throughout house
Fully clean house
Place liner paper on kitchen drawers/shelves

Thank you everyone!

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