Help Needed – There’s Work To Do!

Hello! We are working on some big projects on 2 of our 3 houses and we could use some help! Even if you have a few hours to spare, if you’re handy, here’s what needs done:

Work Needed at house number ending in 41:

Repairing kitchen cabinet doors
Repair back kitchen wall
Replace kitchen ceiling (drop tile)
Replace the back door
Replace the white shed door
Fascia and Soffit work on the white shed
Seal outside shed
Clean side yard
Take out bathroom window
Vent bathroom
Replace electrical outlets with ones with grounds
Paint the porch railing
Whole new bathroom
Install new flooring

Work needed at house number ending in 18:

Clean up dirt piles and re-landscape yard
Use bricks to do something with that really bad slope in front
Replace living room drop ceiling grids and panels – and repair & paint grid – possibly remove?
Replace kitchen ceiling (drop tile) – and paint grid
Fix trim and woodwork upstairs
Paint upstairs
Install new electrical outlets and switches throughout house
Fully clean house

If you are interested in helping, please email

Thank you everyone!

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