For Families In Need

What we can do for you:

The primary purpose of Project Stepping Stone is to provide safe and stable temporary housing for you and your family. During this stay, you are given the opportunity to meet with various support groups within the community who can help you better your living situation.

While you are in the Project Stepping Stone program, you will not be asked to pay us for rent, water, electricity, or heat. Your stay is absolutely free!

It is important to note that PSS is NOT emergency shelter; wait times can be several months. If you are in need of emergency shelter, please search for other services in Muncie/Delaware County.

What do you need to do in return?

In return, we ask that you and your family take advantage of this opportunity to save your resources. By the end of your stay, you should have saved enough money to move into more permanent housing. To aid you in this effort, program participants are required to complete Bridges’ housing assessment, as well as attend classes or participate in programs aimed at improving budgeting and other skills.

Additionally, a $100 damage deposit is needed before you move into a house. This deposit will be happily and promptly refunded at the end of your stay, provided the house is left in acceptable condition.

Lastly, we ask that you respectfully obey the rules of the house and take care of your temporary home so more people can take advantage of the same awesome opportunity as you have.

How do you qualify for this program?

Project Stepping Stone policies stipulate that all residents must be a family consisting of some combination of parent(s) and child(ren), and at least one adult in the family must be employed.

Application Process:

*Applications must be picked up at, and returned to, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (HTLC).*  HTLC is open weekdays from 9am-noon and 1pm-3pm.

Step 1: Pick up an application from HTLC (900 W. White River Blvd Muncie, IN 47303)

Step 2: Complete the application.  To do so you’re going to need:

–names and numbers of your current housing situation

–names and numbers of your current employer(s)

–names and numbers of three references. The references should not be related to you.

–information and thoughts on your current housing situation, the aid that you receive, your plan for the stay in the PSS house, and your future plans and goals.

Step 3: Return your application to HTLC.

Step 4: Be patient while the PSS board reviews and processes your application.

Step 5: You’ll be contacted regarding the status of PSS housing and your application.  PSS will contact your references.

Step 6: If both are favorable an interview will be scheduled. Interviews are scheduled based on the availability of the houses, your availability and the availability of several PSS board members. Interviews are always held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. During the interview, be prepared to expand on the topics covered in the application. Also, be prepared to discuss the details of your budget and financial situation.

Step 7: More information will be provided about the next steps during the interview, or shortly thereafter.

Be patient! There is often a waiting period to enter one of PSS’ houses. If your situation is urgent, please look into more immediate options.

General questions and information

What do I need to sign? If you are selected to participate in the Project Stepping Stone program, you will be required to sign a participant agreement accepting the terms of the agreement.

I really don’t have to pay anything? We will allow you and your family to stay in the house for free. The power, water, and heat are also free. We will not cover phone, internet, or cable. Additionally, you will be required to make a $100 damage deposit that may be refundable at the end of your stay.

Are the houses furnished? Each house has essential furnishings such as lamps, chairs, beds and mattresses, tables, and kitchen utensils. However, each house is different so be sure to ask before you sign a participant agreement.

Who can move in with me? Only family members listed on the application are allowed to live in the house. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed to live in the house at any time.

How long am I allowed to stay in the house? Generally, a stay will last no longer than six months, although we encourage participants to work towards their goals and move out as soon as possible. Remember: there is always somebody waiting to move into a house after you.

What if you don’t choose me to participate in this program? If you are not chosen, you will be referred to another agency who will be more well-suited to help you than we are.

The PSS rules can be found in the links below :

PSS house rules